Abdali Kadhim

20 years, Iraq

Studying medicine after a preparatory course at the IKBFU
— Why have you chosen Russia and the IKBFU for studying?
— When I was in my country I was said that Kaliningrad has the IKBFU and it is implementing the program of english medicine. Moreover, I've found out that this city is known for its amber and the Baltic Sea. I also saw the beautiful places of Kaliningrad in the Internet. After all, these things were attractive to me. Finally, I came here for studying medicine in the IKBFU.
— The first impression was about the weather. I thought that Russia doesn't have hot summers, it was a funny thing because then I've heard that Russia has.
— Which difficulties have you faced after coming to Kaliningrad?
— I miss family, the country and friends every day. Sometimes when I study I remember something from my life and miss it. However, I adapted quickly to Kaliningrad. With its weather and with all these living conditions in Russia in general. Today I don't feel like I have any difficulties.
— What do you like in the university and what would you change in it?
— I like how the University deals with all social aspects concerning the foreigners and it does a lot of things to its students. I wouldn't like to change anything in the university, it's a complete university. The only difficult thing for me is a huge amount of time spent on studies.
— When do you plan to get back home and what kind of experience would you like to convey ?
— I have been here in Kaliningrad for a year and a month. I plan to come back home when I'm done all things in my studies. But every holiday I fly home to see my family and friends.
I would like to convey the medical experience and cooking experience from Russia.
Ahmed near the sculpture of Immanuel Kant in the IKBFU

Will you return to Russia after finishing your studies?

— I'll return to Russia for tourism and also for seeing my friends.

— How do you evaluate the level of education in the IKBFU?

— The level of education is high and the faculty is good from all of the sides. They do everything in the best way for students helping them to get some good knowledge and achieve high results.
Finally, I want to thank the university and all professors for their good job.
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Jekaterina Varlamova