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Current schedule of consultation appointments (July - August 2021)

At the Medical Institute of the IKBFU  continues the work of the Center for Counseling Aid to Families Raising Children with Neurosensomotor Health Disabilities.

Consultation schedule for July 2021:

Reception dates: July 01 (Thursday), July 06 (Tuesday), July 07 (Wednesday), July 08 (Thursday), July 12 (Monday), July 13 (Tuesday), July 14 (Wednesday), July 15 (Thursday) 2021 year

Reception time: 18:00 - 19:00

Consultation schedule for August 2021:

Reception Dates: August 09 (Monday), August 10 (Tuesday), August 11 (Wednesday), August 12 (Thursday), August 16 (Monday), August 17 (Tuesday), August 18 (Wednesday), August 19 (Thursday) 2021 year

Reception time: 18:00 —19: 00

Specialist - Knyazeva Ekaterina Gennadievna
Registration for a consultation is carried out by phone: 8 (4012) 595-595 ext. 6502

Consultations can be obtained on the following issues:
- Social and psychological assistance in the Kaliningrad region;
- Inclusive and correctional education (Educational institutions of the region);
- Physical culture and sports for children with disabilities in the Kaliningrad region;
- Legal assistance to families;
- Medical care in the region for families raising children with disabilities.

The Family Counseling Center began its work within the framework of the project No. LT-RU-2-094 “BREAK: Breaking the Barriers in Children Rehabilitation: from Correction towards Inclusive Collaboration” of the Lithuania-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.

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