Project news

The meeting of the Management Committee of the "BREAK" project was held

The meeting from the Russian side was attended by deputy. Minister of Health of the Kaliningrad Region N. Berezdovets, project coordinator S. Korenev (IKBFU), project coordinator A. Belova (I. Kant IKBFU), project accountant I. Fedina-Zhurbina (IKBFU), project coordinator Y. Goncharova, Chief Physician of the Teremok Children's Psychoneurological Sanatorium G. Shulyak, project manager E. Tabakarova, project administrator N.V. Stolbov.
From the Lithuanian side - project manager Daiva Mockevičienė, project administrator Roma Urbonienė, project accountant Silvija Tuminienė, project employee Brigita Kreivinienė, project administrator Jurgita Eglinskienė, project coordinator Olga Žalienė, project employee Rima Margevičiūtė, project employee Rita Egarienė, employee project Rita Egarienė Project Kornelija Mažionytė, Rector of Klaipeda University Artūras Razbadauskas, Director of Klaipeda City Public Health Bureau Juratė Grubliauskienė, Advisor to the Director of the Public Health Department (Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania) Asta Kandratavičienė, Vice Mayor of Klaipeda City Arvydas Cesiulis.

In total, 22 people took part in the meeting.
Within the framework of the meeting, the project, the executors of the project, the goals and objectives of the project were presented. The importance of the project for the further development of the provision of affordable and timely assistance to children in border regions was highlighted, and existing innovative diagnostic techniques were presented in an overview. Chief Physician of the Teremok Children's Psychoneurological Sanatorium G.А. Shulyak spoke in detail about the problems of children's disability in numbers; about the main problem - mental disorders and diseases of the nervous system; that the goal of the project is early intervention and that in the case of early intervention, the consequences of violations for children will be less lasting. The implementation of the project will help reduce the number of disabled children in our regions.
Deputy Minister of Health of the Kaliningrad Region N.B. Berezldovets promised help and support in matters related to the implementation of the project and further application of the early intervention program for children in need.
At the end of the meeting, a report on the work done and on further plans for the implementation of the project was announced.
The next meeting of this nature will take place in June 2021.

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