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Courses on the study of the historical and cultural heritage of the Curonian Lagoon region for use in new tourism products have started

Within the framework of the international project of the Russia-Lithuania Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020 "Сommon Heritage of Curonian lagoon: from Extraordinary to Familiar - CROSS-HERITAGE", the partner and curator of the Russian partners of which is Immanual Kant Baltic Federal (IKBFU), started courses for students of specialized areas and representatives of tourism organizations of the Kaliningrad region on the study of the historical and cultural heritage of the Curonian Lagoon region for use in new tourism products.
The refresher courses within the project will be held in three stages at the IKBFU. The first stage started on December 16 of this year, the second and third stages of the courses will be organized in February - April 2021. Based on the results of the courses, students will receive certificates of advanced training and present new tourism products, which they will later share with guests and local residents of the region who are studying their native land and the Curonian Lagoon.

Elena Kropinova, scientific coordinator of the project:
“Researchers of the IKBFU more than once acted as experts in the development of tourist routes, which became popular with travel companies. Therefore, who, if not scientists, who create new routes, talk about the hidden corners of our region and suggest new formats for their use. They share their best practices during the advanced training course “The Common Heritage of the Curonian Lagoon: from the Extraordinary to the Familiar” launched within the framework of the project"

Partners from Russia (IKBFU, Museum of the World Ocean and Curonian Spit National Park) and Lithuania (Klaipeda University) completed work on two tourist routes "From museum to museum along the river of time" and "From the spit to the mainland" , which will introduce tourists to new destinations and allow them to see already familiar places from a new perspective. The partners also prepared the Almanac "Historical and cultural heritage of the Curonian Lagoon", which contains unique traditions for the region that are characteristic of the territories around the Curonian Lagoon, information about natural and cultural sites (both on the Russian and Lithuanian sides) and practical information for tourists. Course participants will be among the first to get acquainted with the Almanac.

Anna Belova, project manager:
“Our refresher courses, organized within the framework of the project, interested a large number of students. And we are glad to everyone, because we really want to share the accumulated knowledge for the development of our border region with a unique natural, historical and cultural heritage"

You can download all course materials and presentations on the project website as soon as they become available.

The main partner of the project is the Kintai Arts Association (Lithuania). The partners are Klaipeda University (Lithuania), Shilut District Administration (Lithuania), IKBFU. I. Kant (Russia), National Park "Curonian Spit" (Russia), Museum of the World Ocean (Russia).

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