Pedro Bernah Castro da Silva

23 years, Brazil

Taking a preparatory course to study medicine at the IKBFU
— Why have you chosen Russia and the IKBFU for studying?
— In Brazil we do not hear much about Russia, just about the cold, The Cold War and vodka, but I've always wanted to live here. I admire this country a lot for staying strong against the imperialist countries. I've researched many cities before coming to Russia. The location of the city and the structure of the university were decisive in my choice. In my opinion, the level of education in the university is high.
— What's new for you?
— It is my first time living abroad and alone. I haven't adapted quickly, it wasn't t easy at first. Well, I thought it was a difficult place to live, but when I arrived here I was surprised by the Russian people. The impression I had is that people are very receptive.
— I figured out that it would be possible to study in Russia. It's a totally different culture from mine, a totally different country from mine, but I've always imagined it would be possible for me to live there. I went to Zelenogradsk in the fall and found the sea amazing. The weather does not bother me so much. I want to go there this summer and I think it will be more fun!
— Which problems have you faced after coming to Russia?
— I've already lived in Kaliningrad for 3 months and I usually miss my family and Brazil. The first few days were very difficult, everything was new and different for me but then I felt like home. I try to have fun when I have some free time. For example, I go out with friends. The greatest difficulty is the Russian language, but overall I do not feel much trouble living here.
— What do you like in the University and what would you change in it?
— I like the quality of the classes and the attention that the teachers give us. For now I see nothing that should be changed.
Pedro near an amber shop in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Region

— Will you stay in Russia when you will finish your studies?

— After finishing the studies I've planned to go back to Brazil and work but I want to come back and see other Russian cities. Perhaps, I'm thinking about moving to Russia. Hopefully, I will go to Brazil during the summer holidays and tell everyone at home that the experience of knowing new cultures is something enriching.
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