Shivani Shyam Khandalikar

18 years, India

Studying Medicine
(known as MBBS in India) at the IKBFU

— Why have you chosen Russia and the IKBFU for studying?
— I have been living in Kaliningrad for 4 months and I will be living for more 5 years. 4 months in Kaliningrad are equivalent to 1 year for me since I have experienced a lot of things.
First and foremost, the most attractive quality of Kaliningrad was its geographical location, which made my choice in the city. The city shows the mixture of 2 cultures, European as well as Russian.
— Speaking about the university, that would be very much elaborative to say it is actually the centre of Kaliningrad. I like its infrastructure, the way administration works, teaching faculty, technology which it uses for the educational program and many more endless things.
— How do you cope with the climate difference?
— I adapted very quickly to the weather conditions of the city as well as to the rest of the surroundings. Kaliningrad is a quiet, beautiful and small city. I like the scenic beauty of the city and the buildings, church, monuments and other different tourist attractions.
What do you do in your spare time?
— In my free time I play table tennis, watch movies or make something crafty out of waste, which is my hobby.
Shivani near the administrative building of the IKBFU
— What do you like in the University and what would you change in it?

— As for me, the IKBFU is the most coolest and disciplined university. It provides the students with all the amenities, facilities and other different education courses. I liked the management of the university and the teaching faculty. I think it is the strongest thing about the university.

The only disadvantage for me is that some teachers are not very fluent in English, which is a point of difficulty sometimes. But still I hope they will gradually be more fluent.

The university in its own is an example of a perfect one but the change that I would like to make is combining all the campus and make it closer to all of the buildings, so that students would not need to travel much from one accomodation to another.

— What kind of experience would you like to convey at home?

— I have learned a lot of things since these 4 months in Kaliningrad. I changed a lot due to the IKBFU. I imbibed such things as discipline, respect, knowledge and enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, this university is the only place where I have met number of vibrant nations and cultures.
— Will you return to Russia for further study / life / work when you will finish your studies?
— I may think about this when time comes. But most probably yes, if my future plans allow me to do so.
— How do you evaluate the level of education in the IKBFU?
— In my opinion, the IKBFU truly has a very qualified teaching faculty along with a great source of technology used and also good stuff material for teaching. The IKBFU is such a platform for all international students coming from very corner of the world and belonging to various nations and cultures.
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