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The online "Silver Age English Course" has been developed

The online “Silver Age English Course” was developed within the framework of the project “Silver Age”*. The course material is designed to help seniors to acquire new and restore lost English language skills. 

The Course consists of 24 lessons: 12 grammar lessons and 12 vocabulary lessons. Each lesson contains theoretical material and practical tasks aimed at developing language skills. The grammar block deals with such topics as "Simple Tenses", "Plural Nouns", "Pronouns", "Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives". The vocabulary block includes material on the topics "Family", "City", "House and Apartment","Clothes", "Food", "Fruit"; "Vegetables", "Berries. Nuts. Herbs", "Animals", "Plants", "Countries", "Travel".Progress Tests are offered after grammatical and lexical blocks. The course ends with the Final Test, which includes assignments on all topics that were covered in the Course. Some Course materials are available for downloading onto the learners’ gadgets. The Course is written in English and contains the language material corresponding to levels A1 - A2+ of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Currently, the Course is being uploaded onto the IKBFU’s online learning platform LMS.
* The full name of the project: "Silver Age: Cross-Border Social Integration through Education".

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