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The trilingual "Silver Age Phrasal Diary" is being developed

Within the “Silver Age” project*, a trilingual “Silver Age Phrasal Diary” is being developed. The dairy is based on the “phrase of the day”, which is presented in three languages: English, Russian and Lithuanian. A distinct feature of the diary is its functional format. It will simultaneously be a notebook and a mini-textbook, presenting the material in a bite-sized form for memorization.

There will be seasonal phrases on such topics as “Weather”, “Nature”, “Food”, “Cooking”, “Café”, “Plants”, “Animals”, “Pets”, “Health”, “Active and healthy lifestyle”, “Hobbies”, “Entertainment”, “Rest”, “Travel”, “Human relationships”, “Parents and children”, “Computer technologies”, “Gadgets”, “Ecology”, “Separate waste collection”, etc.

The development of the “Silver Age Phrasal Diary” is planned to be completed by March 2022. Currently, the “Silver Age” project group on the Facebook social network periodically publishes a “phrase of the day” in English. The organizers of the “Silver Age” project hope that this format will be an additional language practice for learners.

*The full name of the project: "Silver Age: Cross-Border Social Integration through Education".

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