el Madmad

20 years, Morocco

Studying General Medicine at the IKBFU
— Why have you chosen Russia and the IKBFU for studying?
— I've studied the first year of economics in Morocco and at the same time I raised the level of the German language (I speak Arabic, French, English, German and Russian). Moreover, I studied at the preparatory medical faculty in Voronezh last year. So, I came to Kaliningrad only in October.
The most important thing for me is the level of education and the IKBFU has competent teachers, who can teach me everything I need to be the best in my specialty.
— Nevertheless, I was attracted by the fact that the IKBFU has established international relations with other universities, so I have the opportunity to practice in different countries. And I've chosen Kaliningrad because it is unique for Russia: it is European for 100%, there is a German culture in its beautiful and old buildings, the architecture particularly surprised me, plus - the weather is not very cold. It is believed that Russia is equated to cold and snow, but this city is an exception. In addition, I like the sea and in my hometown of Oujda there is also a sea nearby. This also caused my decision in choosing Kaliningrad.
— What are the difficulties of studying and living in Kaliningrad?
— There are some problems with the Russian language. And of course I miss my family, especially my parents. Also I miss my room, where I used to live alone, not like now - in a hostel with two girls.
— Don't you think you have adapted to life here?
— Yes, and it happened quickly because I've already lived in Germany and France alone. Today I can say that I'm used to live independently and I'm fully responsible for myself. In my spare time I read books about psychology and philosophy (I'm reading Sigmund Freud in French now and sometimes I read Arabic novels) and cook delicious Moroccan food, for example "Tajin". In fact, I don't know what else can I eat rather than national food. But I like sour cream. And we do not have buckwheat in Morocco.
Soukayna near the sculpture of Immanuel Kant in the IKBFU
— What do you like in the university?

— Simply everything! I really hope to get a doctor's degree, which will allow me to work in my country later.

— What would you change in the IKBFU?

— A dormitory.

— Will you return to Russia for further
study / life / work when you will finish your studies?

— Yes, I think that I can still apply for anesthesia or general surgery but to live - I don't think so. I want to return to my country and share my experience telling about the organization of regions and areas and about the economic independence of the country.
— How do you evaluate the level of education in the IKBFU?
— I can't judge now for 100% but to this day everything is excellent.
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Jekaterina Varlamova