Isa Mohamed Ali Alheesaei

28 years, Bahrain

Studying Physics after a preparatory course at the IKBFU
— Why have you chosen Russia and the IKBFU for studying?
— I've finished my associated diploma in Bahrain in electronics and electrical engineering. It was a 3 years program. I found a work in a medical company directly after I graduated from college. I worked as a biomedical engineer. I was a good and active worker, so consequently the company sent me to Germany for additional studying. When I came back I started my new work with one of the biggest companies in the world, it works in oil fields. I worked with them as an administrator 3 years, suddenly there was a worldwide oil crisis, so the company has released 9 thousand employees around the world and I'm one of them. I applied for Bahrain international airport and they accepted me. I've been working for 3 years in the airport. During this time I started to like physics and space, so I searched in Google about where is the best place to study physics. I've found Russia and U.S., and I've chosen Russia. I resigned from my job and came here.
The IKBFU has very famous name and reputation and the Kaliningrad Region is quite cheap for life. The location is easy to travel from the city to other parts of the world. Moreover, the Baltic Sea - I like the sea too much and go there frequently when the weather is good. But I haven't swim in it yet, it's very cold...
— What are the difficulties of studying and living in Kaliningrad?
— When I came here I had an unpleasant experience. I was surprised by the Russian airport policy on the Arab visitors, which was similar to Europe and the U.S.

In Kaliningrad I'm almost two years and I haven't adapted yet. I miss my country very much. The most difficult things here are language and dealing with people. Maybe only for me, because I've come from different environment. For example, it's quite difficult to find the meat that I can eat, because I am a Muslim.

Besides, it is a little bit difficult to make friends with native people. I think Russians keep so close to themselves, I can see that from two years I've been with them. Their friends are only Russians in most cases, this might be because of the mentality - people are very moody, they don't have patience. Unfortunately, sellers in markets, workers of buses and banks don't treat foreigners very well in most cases. I don't know if this because the weather, or this is just their nature. Finally, I can see their attitude to each other as Russians are more respectful towards each other but not foreigners. However, there are few friendly Russians that are open to others but only few. In addition, I came here in winter where there was snow. As far as I remember, it was beautiful.
Ahmed taking a photo of Kant's tomb
— How do you evaluate the level of education in the IKBFU?
— I like the University, the education system is good. Teachers are more friendly and understandable than locals.
— What would you change in the university?
— In general, the system of studying is good. I came from the place where the different system was but it seems that nothing is perfectly planned in some cases or maybe I need to master the language to get the information in a better way.
Will you return to Russia for further study / life / work when you will finish your studies?
— I don't think so.
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