Edda Camila Rodriguez Mojica

27 years, Colombia

Taking a preparatory course to start studying Oceanography MSc (Master of Science) at the IKBFU

— Why have you chosen Russia and the IKBFU for studying?
— I lived in a very populated city called Bogotá. Saint Petersburg and Moscow are crowded, too. And Kaliningrad is a small city, there are lakes and parks for a walk. Besides, there are beautiful places, rich in history and interesting to see and visit. In addition, the thing which surprised me when I came to Russia was a tram. It is a good way of transport. I think it shouldn't disappear, as it is useful and quiet.
— As for the IKBFU, I like its history - Immanuel Kant [a German Philosopher] studied here [the roots of the university goes back to the 1544, when the Königsberg Albertina University was founded] and I like the infrastructure of the university.
— What are the difficulties of studying and living in Kaliningrad?
— The living conditions. Well, it is difficult to live in a shared room. I could try to speak with my neighbor but she's Russian and we don't understand each other in lots of things... I have lived alone before, and it was so comfortable. The other thing is the dorm. I believed that all students take care of things and obviously it's not true. Usually bathrooms are not clean and kitchen sometimes is bad-looking.
I miss my family and my boyfriend, the weather and mountains but it's OK. I feel lack of cultural program. It could be some kind of a reading club in Spanish, English or Russian. So, in my free time I try to read. Sometimes I go to the cinema. And I really enjoy running and cooking.
— What do you like in the university?
— People are friendly, they help you. Some teachers are quite good. And I like the infrastructure of the university.
What would you change in the IKBFU?
— I thought in my schedule would be any subjects called "sport" or "physical education", but it doesn't happen in a preparatory course. As for me, there could be better promotion of doing sports.
— I must admit that some processes in the IKBFU are not efficient. For example, I asked for my internet network user login and password but It doesn't work. Now, I'm using another's login and password.
Will you return to Russia after finishing your studies?
— Well, I'll return to study my PHD, if I could work and get enough salary for living.
— How do you evaluate the level of education in the IKBFU?
— I've only taken classes for two months, but the thing I can say is the level of teaching in Russia is so good. The level of the IKBFU for me is medium but it's because I've got a bachelor degree already. I finished a kind of geographical bachelor called "cadastral and geodetic engineering". So, because of specialization my sight about the educational level is different.
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