Quintero Esquivel

20 years, Colombia

Taking a preparatory course in order to
study ecology at the IKBFU
— Why have you chosen Russia and the IKBFU for studying?
— Well, I am here because of the Russian education. The level is high and the price is comparatively cheap. As for myself, I've found the best degree program for an international student in the IKBFU and quite good living conditions in Kaliningrad Region. I believe, this education will be highly qualified for me, everything depends on my efforts. Moreover, I've always wanted to live the international student's life.
— What's new for you?
— I've been in this beautiful city about 4 months. When I came to Kaliningrad it was quite interesting because the city has a different architecture from the one I got used to. And the weather is amazing - it is the first time I've ever seen the snow, it's like Christmas every day!
In the Kaliningrad Region I like the Baltic Sea and the idea how close we are to Europe.
—By the way, when I came to Russia it was funny for me to know that you can cross the street without traffic light because in our country we don't have pedestrian crossing which Russians call "zebra".
— Which problems have you faced after coming to Russia?
— The only thing is that there are not much various foods like in my country. I adapted quickly in every aspect about social life but not about food yet. In addition, the main problem for me is the language but, of course, it is changing as we learn more.
— What do you like in the University and what would you change in it?
— As for me, the campus and the infrastructure in general are pretty good but I'd change the organization of lectures for the foreign people. Unfortunately, the communication is bad sometimes and as a consequence you may lose some lectures. Nevertheless, I expect to learn as much as I can about everything, especially in my spare time.
— What do you do in your free time?
— First of all, I spend time with my friends and we usually visit new places.
— Secondly, every Saturday I teach students of the IKBFU to dance salsa and bachata. I really enjoy dancing, I feel alive when I do it. So, the idea of giving classes was to join both cultures. I wanted to show you our Latin dances and see yours and also to learn from you.
In addition, I'd like to convey at home each kind of experience, the good ones and bad ones.
— Will you stay in Russia when you will finish your studies?
— I think it would be interesting. It makes sense to search more information about the life in Russia and definitely about the foreign people living in Russia.
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Created by
Jekaterina Varlamova