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Archaeological excavations under the "Baltic Odyssey" project in the Kaliningrad region have started

On August 5, IKBFU opened an archaeological expedition within the framework of the international project "Baltic Odyssey - Creating a Common Historical and Cultural Space" of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Poland-Russia 2014-2020.

Due to the current epidemic situation, it was decided to conduct archaeological excavations in the Kaliningrad region in 2 stages - preparatory (exploration of archaeological sites), lasting 14 days (August 2020), and full-fledged excavations in 2021, with the involvement of specialists and students from abroad.

The exploration stage of excavations in the Kaliningrad region is attended by IKBFU students of various courses and directions. Leads the preparatory stage of the excavation of PhD in History, Associate Professor IKBFU Edvin Borisovich Zaltsman. We have already managed to find many valuable finds, the age of which is from 2 to 4 thousand years! This fact confirms the need for the participants of the archaeological expedition to have work full of discoveries ahead.

Edwin Salzman, excavation leader:

“The found ceramics (ornaments on it) tell us that the settlements that lived on this place are characteristic of the Baltic peoples, especially the territory of present-day Poland and the Pomeranian Voivodeship. Also, according to the finds, it can be assumed that the inhabitants of the settlements were engaged in the amber trade. "

Anna Belova, project manager from IKBFU:

“The project is designed to popularize the historical and cultural heritage of the border area of ​​Russia and Poland, to create a single historical and cultural space, since our territory has a common history, and our archaeological excavations prove this. In six months we plan to hold a joint conference where we will exchange experience and results of archaeological excavations in Russia and Poland. "

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"Baltic odyssey"