Two ships – Common sea. Soldek & Vityaz: Maritime Heritage of Poland and Russia

within grant № PLRU.01.01.00-RU-0092/18-00
dated August 26, 2019
of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme
Poland-Russia 2014-2020
The project is co-financed by the European Union and the Russian Federation

This section of the website has been created and is maintained with the financial support of the European Union and the Russian Federation as part of the Russia-Poland Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014–2020. Its content is the sole responsibility of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, cannot be considered as containing the official position of the Russian Federation on any issue, and under no circumstances can be considered as a reflection of the position of the European Union, the Governing Body or the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Russia-Poland 2014-2020.

Project news
About the project
Lead partner (beneficiary):
Museum of the World Ocean (Russia).
Project "Two ships - common sea.
Soldek and Vityaz: Maritime Heritage of Poland and Russia"
is being implemented under grant No. PLRU.01.01.00-RU-0092 / 18-00 of August 26, 2019, the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Poland-Russia for 2014-2020.

Project goal: Creation of objects of marine historical infrastructure for the development of marine historical and cultural heritage in the region of the South and Southeast Baltic and tourist attraction of the region.

Project partners:

1) Lead partner (beneficiary): Museum of the World Ocean (Russia);
2) National Maritime Museum in Gdansk (Poland) - beneficiary 1.
Duration of the project
September 01, 2019 - August 31, 2021
Project budget (for IKBFU)
64,740.00 euros (including the grant amount - 58,266.00 euros)
"We are now in a place that will be greatly transformed. So far, there are only models of those ships that were once built at the Gdansk shipyard. After the repair, new exhibitions, interactive screens will appear here, they will show mini-films about important historical moments." .
Robert Domjal
Director of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk
"There should be no technical problems with transporting the ship to the shipyard. If we organized a tugboat in the summer. Then there would be organizational problems, because there are a lot of sailing boats and yachts on the river here in the summer. And bringing Soldek would not be easy."
Yakub Adamchak
Project Manager
"We plan to investigate these objects, some of these objects that will not be in very good condition, we will use our existing technologies to restore this object, or recreate it as a 3D model."
Anna Belova
Deputy Head
Research Organization Services IKBFU
"On Vityaz, the metal is 14 mm thick. The visitor will not see any differences. Because the surface part was and will remain, the underwater part is accessible to divers and fish."
Alexey Shutkin
Deputy Director of the
Museum of the World Ocean
with the participation of IKBFU
1. Investigation of the coastal area of the Baltic Sea within cross-border project area for organisation and implementation the marine practice and seminars (master-classes)

2. Conducting international marine archaeological practice for students

3. Preparation and publication the tutorial on Implementation of GIS-technologies in marine oceanography for marine archaeological research

4. Creation of a catalogue of marine shipyards in the South and South-Eastern Baltic "South and South-East Baltic Shipyards: history and present time" - 2 experts

5. Conducting 3 seminars for students-historians, geographers and services and tourism on marine historical and cultural heritage - 3 experts drawn from Poland and 3 experts from Russia as lecturers.

Workshop 1
(venue: IKBFU, Kaliningrad)
Topic 1. Popular marine business
(duration - 1 day)

- device of the vessel;
- types of ships in the Baltic;
- existing vessels in the border area
- ship alphabet (flags)

Topic 2. Navigation from historical to space
(duration - 1 day)

- navigational devices on the ship;
- the alphabet of the sky;
- modern technologies in navigation;

Topic 3. Port cities of the South and Southeast Baltic
(duration - 1 day)

- Hanseatic port city of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad;
- Hanseatic cities in the Baltic.
Workshop 2
(Venue: Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad)
Lecturers from the Museum of the World Ocean - 3 people.
Duration - 2 days.

The inclusion of the following topics is being considered:

Topic 1. Great Embassy;
Topic 2. Fortresses in the Baltic;

Vityaz as a museum vessel of Kaliningrad (emphasis on details that can be included in tourist quests)

Topic 3. Methodology for conducting excursions using the marine historical, cultural and natural heritage.
Location: IKBFU.


- development and application of audio guide, mobile applications;
- animation support of excursions.
Workshop 2
(Venue: Gdansk, Poland)
Duration - 3 days.
Lecturers: 3 people from Poland.

The budget for the holding has IKBFU (university pays for the seminar in Poland, including the payment of lecturers from Poland).

+7 (911) 457-26-46
+7 (952) 050-46-46;

Russia, Kaliningrad region,
Kaliningrad city, 14 A. Nevskogo st., bldg. 2, office 109
Postcode: 236016