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Participants of educational courses completed practical training on the basis of the maritime heritage of the Kaliningrad region

As part of a set of educational courses for the project “Two ships - one sea. Soldek and Vityaz: Maritime Heritage of Poland and Russia ”of the cross-border cooperation program“ Russia-Poland 2014-2020 ”took place on the basis of the architectural landmark“ Friedrichsburg Gate ”and the legendary vessel in the history of oceanology“ Vityaz ”.

A practical lesson at the gates of the Friedrichsburg fortress as part of educational courses made it possible to capture the unique historical heritage of Kaliningrad: an unusual structure in architecture, with towers, a coat of arms on the facade, massive iron gates and a cobbled courtyard in its original form, which was restored by restoration work in 2011. The practical task of the course participants is to use the object in the quest format, where the presentation of historical facts will become an exciting journey. It should be noted that at the moment the attraction is open for excursions as a branch of the Museum of the World Ocean, the leading partner of the project.

Practice on the research ship "Vityaz" also involves the development of a quest route based on the historical facts of the ship, as well as on the "heart of the ship" - the engine room, hold, radio room and other premises of the ship. Group practical work on the ship allowed me to come up with unique, different ideas for quests.

Let us remind you that the project “Two ships - one sea. Soldek and Vityaz: Maritime Heritage of Poland and Russia ”is being implemented for two years - until the fall of 2021. At the IKBFU I. Kant is also working on the preparation of a textbook on 3D modeling and the use of high-precision technologies for the preservation and popularization of maritime historical and cultural heritage, as well as a catalog of historical shipyards in the South-Eastern Baltic. The publication is aimed at a wide range of readers, including tourists and local residents, as well as the academic community in the Baltic region.

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"Two ships – Common sea"