Summer break in Russia in the eyes of International Students
Natalya Milyasvskaya
Deputy Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Head of the International Office
"The University has done a lot of work in the period from June to August in supporting the international students who had to spend their summer holidays in Russia due to the pandemic. It is important for us to support our students who cannot see their love ones in these hard times. About 200 IKBFU students took part in cultural, sport and leisure events. The university has also created a unique educational environment for the international students, for instance, Medical students from India had a chance to prepare for the NExT qualification exam online, also, there were free Russian language courses organized for anyone interested in improving the language proficiency. We plan to continue carrying on the free courses in autumn and we are always glad to welcome new participants. The IKBFU International Office and the Welcome Center spared no effort in making this summer as educational and joyful for students of different cultures as possible. And it was a great pleasure to us to receive positive feedback from the students".
The Geography of IKBFU International Students: Origins and Destinations
Curonian Spit National Park
On August 31, 2020, international students of the IKBFU volunteered to help employees of the Curonian Spit to gather rowan forage, necessary for feeding the Park roe deer in winter.
Park employees prepare the forage for the ungulates every summer, and anyone is welcome to volunteer to do so and thus contribute to the preservation of the Curonian Spit's fauna for future generations.
The students also visited the centuries-old coniferous forest and the Curonian Spit seaside. The students visited the ornithological station "Fringilla" and listened to an exciting lecture given by station employees. International Students had a chance to see landscapes, where Soviet and Russian films were shot, students also listened to mysterious legends of dancing trees. From the observation sites of the Heights of Mueller and Heights of Epha, international students enjoyed the picturesque views on the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Gulf, open dune "Orekhovaya", sands, and forests.
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Amber Combine
IKBFU International students visited the Kaliningrad Amber Combine. There were 19 students participating in the guided tour.
On the 14th of August 2020, the IKBFU international students visited the world's biggest enterprise for the mining and processing of amber. The tour's participants learned a lot about peculiarities of amber mining, admired the view across the Primorsky deposit, and also had some spare time the students spent on the Baltic shore. The students were also lucky to meet Alexander Vasilyev, a famous TV-show host, and art historian.

The IKBFU International Office expresses gratitude to the IKBFU Welcome-center for helping organize the trip's itinerary.
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On July 18, 2020, the IKBFU International Office and the Welcome Center organized this tour for the students.
During this sightseeing tour, the students had a chance to see and touch the history of Chernyakhovsk, they saw massive walls of Georgenburg and Insterburg Teutonic castles and visited another historic place of the town – the old stables. The students were also given a tour around other city sights: monument to the Uhlans, the castle mill, the Barclay de Tolly monument, Napoleon's house, the old post office, the Chernyakhovsk Museum of History, the Kirch of St. Bruno, and the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael.

The IKBFU International Office and the Welcome Center stuff plan to carry out more trips for international students in July and August. The information on the trips will be updated in the international students' group chat.
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Rector's Cup Cricket Tournament
From August 2nd to 15th, 2020, a cricket tournament among Indian Medical students was held at the IKBFU "Kantiana" stadium. The tournament was organized by the International Office of IKBFU in cooperation with AK Educational Consultants.
On August 15, 2020, the award ceremony was held at IKBFU following the results of the cricket tournament among Medical students from India. The award ceremony was dedicated to the Independence Day in India. Three teams of Indian students from the Institute of Medicine took part in the tournament and were cheered by about a hundred supporters. More than 150 students took part in the sporting event.

The third place was awarded to the team of 3rd-year Medical students. The participants of the tournament received well-deserved diplomas in the categories "Best Batsman", "Best Fiedler", "Best Bowler"," Best Umpire"," Best Catch", "Man of the Match", "Man of the Series", prizes and, of course, the Rector's Cup.

The awards ceremony was opened by Stanislav Kuritsyn, Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs:

"This year, cricket is celebrating its 45th anniversary as an international type of sport. Today we are holding the grand final of the 1st cricket tournament at IKBFU in Kaliningrad. Thank you for participating in the new format of cultural exchange and creating a great mood on this wonderful sunny day! Of course, on behalf of the Rector, the University administration, all teachers and students, I would like to congratulate you on the Independence Day of India – this is an incredibly significant event in the history of the country and every citizen. Congratulations"!
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"Baltika" guesthouse
From 3rd to 23rd of August 170 IKBFU International Students visited the "Baltika" guesthouse. Those students spent their summer break in Russia due to the pandemic. There were students from India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica.
The students enjoyed the vacation and got acquainted with other countries' cultures. The students also played sports, walked the promenade, took a trip around Svetlogorsk sights, visited museums, and watched films.
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National Exit Test (NExT)
IKBFU and A.K. Educational Consultants launched a unique project whose goal is to prepare students from India for National Exit Test (NExT).
Upon passing the test IKBFU Medical students from India will become more competitive and will have excellent career opportunities.

The National Exit Test is a qualification test for obtaining a medical license, it is also required by the State or National registries. Testing is aimed at evaluating the quality of professional knowledge and practical skills of students in Medicine at the end of their training. All Indian graduates who have graduated from universities abroad are required to pass the NExT exam to prove their qualifications.

Usually, Indian graduates get prepared for the test after completing their education and receiving a diploma, but the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and the A.K. Educational Consultants seek to help students to get prepared for the test in the best possible way. To achieve this goal the IKBFU offers students online lectures by leading Indian educational experts from the very first year in the University.
Since early July, the International Office the IKBFU holds weekly online classes of Russian for International students. Conversational Russian Club is aimed at overcoming the language barrier, which is the main problem for students living in a dormitory with their compatriots; another goal of the club is to keep practicing the language during the summer break. Not burdened with a large amount of grammar and some homework, the lessons assume lively communication on various topics related to the peculiarities of the Russian language and culture. Online Russian Club is also a platform for international students from different IKBFU Institutes where they can get acquainted with each other and gain proficiency in Russian. As of today, there are 24 students taking part in club meetings. This summer they have discussed such topics as painting, family, Russian cities, movies, national food, etc. The classes will continue in autumn, and any IKBFU student is welcomed to take part.
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