Ecotour4Natur: Ecotourism as a tool for preservation natural and cultural heritage

The project LT-RU-089 is being implemented under grant № 1S-190 dated June 03, 2020
of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme
Lithuania-Russia 2014-2020
Lead partner (beneficiary): Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, Russia)
The project LT-RU-089 "Ecotourism as a tool for preservation natural and cultural heritage" is being implemented under grant No. 1S-190 of June 03, 2020, the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Lithuania-Russia for 2014-2020.

Project partners:
1) Lead partner (beneficiary): Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, Russia);
2) Kaliningrad Charitable Fund for the Preservation and Development of the National Park "Curonian Spit" (KBFSIRNP KURSHSKAYA KOSA), Russia - beneficiary 2;
3) Klaipeda University, Lithuania - beneficiary 3;
4) Administration of Seaside Regional Park, Lithuania - beneficiary 4;
Duration of the project
24 months
Project budget
299,823.04 euros
The aim of the project is to preserve the natural heritage for future generations through development and implementation of an innovative product consisting of eco-tourist routes and environmental education programs. There will be following groups of activities organised:
1. Creation the Resource Centers for the restoration and adaptation of historical and natural heritage on the both sides of the border
The main aim of the Resource Centers will be formation of both scientific and activity competencies of respect for nature to ensure sustainability in restoration and adaptation of historical and natural heritage. Creation the Resource Center "Baltica" in the National Park "Curonian Spit" (RU) will make the trips more interesting and help to raise awareness of preservation natural heritage. The Resource center will be used for education of young people coming to the National Park with eco-tourism purposes as well as for ecological education. Virtual Resource Center "Baltica" in the Pajūrio regional park (LT) will be created to present products and services the project made – educational ecological routes, cultural and natural objects, landscapes.
2. Creation the new exhibition «Feathered world of the Baltic»
Creation the new exhibition «Feathered world of the Baltic» will make a historical building of former exhibition center of the Ornitology station attractive and accesible for public. The new exhibition will be one of the objects of the new route "The geological and geomorphological record of the Baltic Sea". Within Project implementation period educational programme Ecotour4Natur is also going to be organized.
3. Working-out the route "The geological and geomorphological record of the Baltic Sea"
The route is aimed to attract more tourists, to keep them longer in the area as tourists and to involve more young people in participation in the ecological tours, and to raise awareness among young generation in need to preserve natural heritage.
4. Dissemination and promotion of the Project results
To present new tourism products for target groups archived by the project and to share good practices and challenges for better territorial adaptation for educational tourism purposes there will be 2-days seminar organised in Lithuania for partners and representatives of tourism and educational organisations of Klaipeda region. To present the results of the project the conference will be organised in connection to the Jubelee of creation the Curonian Spit UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Partnership between the Universities and the natural parks will allow to create the networking on dealing with the similar problem; to organize ecological routes aiming not just contemplation of beauty of the coastal landscape, but through educational activity to form progressive attitude towards natural and cultural heritage. Involvement of the Universities let the natural parks to use the knowledge of up-to-date science.

The objective is common for both cross-border regions: the degradation and reduction of beaches, the overloading of the coastal area with cars; pollution of the area from tourists; overloading common tourist routes; lack of new touristic options relevant for young people in natural parks etc.
Project manager - Dr of Geography, Dr of the Economic sciences, Prof. of the Department of Social Services and Tourism of the I.Kant Baltic Federal University, the Baltic University Programme Board Member – Elena Kropinova

Russia, Kaliningrad region,
Kaliningrad city, 14 A. Nevskogo st., bldg. 2, office 109
Postcode: 236016
The project is co-financed by the European Union and the Russian Federation

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